Friday, February 1, 2008

Releases - E's Ch 15

Our new joint project with Ophelia, E's Otherwise. She requested us if we wanted to help out with this project, and with a big heart, we accept! We started with ch 15, since the first 14 chapters has been scanlated by other teams, so we just pick what it stopped at.

You can get our releases in the forum, we put it public.

Or just get it here~!

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If you wish to share the files, upload it to your own server. Thanks. Please also credit Ophelia & Salva Nos Scans. Thanks again!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is the list of projects we are doing right now, completed or possibly will do in the future. Read on!

# Vampire Knight (ch 33+)
# Falling in Love (story 1 - 3, 1 volume)

# HONEY (oneshot)

# E's Otherwise
# Crazy For You
# Helios Eclipse (vol 1 - 3; on-going) - Will only do once I get the books from my sister who owned them.

It's Open!!

Yay, it seems like Salva Nos Scans, or just SN Scans, finally got itself a blog! Yes, I've decided not to make a website since website required a lot of HTML knowledge and doing this high and low. I just thought that a blog would be just right since all our stuffs are still in the forum, working well like the usual!

This blog will be our place to post our releases updates, also put up public releases for people to enjoy! Of course, most of the scans will be available in our forum before we one day, release it out for public. We have to maintain our group first, then we'll decide the future later.

We don't have that much projects yet, but we hope later in the future, we'll have more staffs and more projects to work on! ^^